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"I have received unsolicited positive feedback from so many attendees.
As I mentioned before, only trainers of the highest caliber can impress our employees. Thank you for
doing such a wonderful and professional training session."

Stacey Holst
The Washington Speakers Bureau

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A Message
From the Director

Have you ever thought you sealed a business deal only to be informed a competitor secured the contract? Did you ever leave an interview feeling that a job offer was forthcoming only to realize another applicant landed the job? Have you inadvertently offended an international client and realized it too late?

Education, experience and intelligence are no longer sufficient to succeed in business today. The years you have spent honing your job skills must now be enhanced with business etiquette. Act now to prevent lost opportunities by adopting the social strategies that add professional polish and confidence to your persona.

Know which fork to use at the business lunch! Send a thank you note after the interview! Kiss, bow or shake hands according to the culture of the country you are in! Civility and tradition can be our greatest roadblocks. We need to understand and respect others before we can build a relationship with them. Business etiquette assists you in developing a bond between clients, colleagues and superiors. Manners give you the competitive edge.

National Protocol provides customized training to meet the needs of individuals and corporations. Our goal is to assist you in achieving the professional polish to do business with anyone, anywhere.


Michele Pollard Patrick



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